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Simple, Powerful and Affordable
School Management System

Infuses transformative innovation in the education system, bringing synergy between teachers, students, and parents. Pacifyca provides the facility to carry out all day to day activities of the school, making them fast, easy, efficient and accurate.

This school ERP software is a simple yet powerful one point integrated platform that connects all the departments of an institution.

Simple and Easy UI

Pacifyca is created by keeping user experience in mind. It is very simple and easy to use for anyone with a basic knowledge of computers.

Reduced costs

Our solution brings ERP solution to you at lowered and affordable costs

Personalized, role-based access

Providing single sign-on access to content on your system based on the role is simple, so you can ensure everyone can find what they need and only what they are authorized to see.

Flexible functionality and deployment

Our system is simple enough for novice users, yet robust enough for expert users.

Universal platform & Global reach

It's perfectly for University, Colleges, School & Training Centers around the world.

Stand-Alone Database

Every institution differentiates with each with stand alone independent data storage.


Simple, efficient, affordable & Powerful ERP


Complete Information of Student from Admission to TC.

Student detail

Summarized report of students for complete school.


Student attendance management simplified.


Automated messaging services for various announcements and events.


A comprehensive examination module for marks entry, grades.


Maintains complete track of all the accounts for fees paid of all the students for different courses across the school.

Hostel Management

Allows you to manage all the school hostels efficiently.

Manage Institution & Board

Allows you manage institution and board details.

Manage Class & Course

Allows you to manage all the class and course details efficiently.


Certificate Generation allows you to generate certificates for school students easily and without any effort.


The reports gives you the benefit of being able to customize and define reports from a range of criteria.

Manage User

Multiple users can be managed of the same school.

Pacifyca for Publishing

Our Modules

Developed by industry veterans, we know what is the need of the hour. We have carefully designed and developed this cloud solution that is secure and accessible anytime and anywhere to improve efficiency and reduce operating costs.

Planning and Publishing Management
Plan and Manage Prospecting, Planning, Editorial Management, Royalty & Rights Calculation
Sales and Marketing
Track and Manage all sales channels (Retails, Wholesale, E-Commerce) and effectively execute and measure marketing activities
Inventory and Distribution
Manage multiple warehouses, track your inventory, dispatches and streamline your distribution and achieve efficiency of operations.
Inbuilt accounting to track and manage Accounts Receivable,Accounts Payable and Asset Management.
Digital Delivery and Web Enablement
Deliver digital media to customers with ease

Business Intelligence and Analytical Reporting
Comprehensive reporting with analytical data to help make informed decisions


Publishers need to respond to the complex market requirements and therefore it is imperative for publishers to find creative ways to optimize their
operations,reduce overhead costs and increase efficiency in order for them to continue being profitable. Listed below are some of the
reasons why a publisher would need to implement an ERP solution or switch to Pacifyca

"Our productivity has increased considerably and now we have complete control over Inventory and all the required information pertaining to Sales, Operations, Publishing & Royalties st fingertips round the clock,round the globe"

Nigel Fernandes
Director, ATC Publishers

Integrate modem Digital Technology

Pacifyca integrates modern day technology into business processes to find additional revenue channels and to transform business models

Manage Publishing Programme Effectively

Facilitates effective co-ordination with Editors,Designers and all other collaborators with the feature of tracking performance,work in progress and monitoring & achieving deadlines

Low Cost of Ownership

Pacifyca's cloud based architecture, its open and light hardware reduces the total cost of ownership

Advanced integration

Pacifyca's B2B integration for eCRM and its tight integration with e-commerce Module is the first in the industry


Pacifyca is developed by young and dynamic programmers.we are very open to accomodate client requests and customization to meet their needs

Sustainable Revenue Growth

Analytical data made available to help make informed decisions and achieve continous improvements


Holds the Permission from Ignatius Press, California and Harper Collins Publishers, San Francisco

Application with Bible Word Search option in a presentation software.

Different Language supports include vernacular languages.

You can prepare, schedule and present at any liturgical celebrations, Bible classes or any other presentations

Highly efficient & less expensive compared to all the software available in the market.

ATC Online


This new Church Presentation Software named Ephphatha supports the new age and modern technology to reach the teachings of the God to every corner of the World. This Software includes all parts of the teaching that is essential during a Mass or a Retreat. Changing Technology for the new generation has brought this Software into light so that every individual in the Church or a Retreat Centre read and proclaim the teachings of the Lord

This is the first presentation software for Church, Retreat Centre or any Worship Centre’s. If you are using LCD projector or TV screens for display of Bible Verses, Hymns, Prayers, Liturgy, Media etc then we have done it everything easy for you and we prefer this software is a best option. This Software is compatible in all Microsoft operating systems.


Church Presentation Software

Scheduling of Various Tasks

In built Availability of data of Bible ,Hymns , Prayers

Provision to add Hymns, Prayers

Easy Data Search option for Bible, Hymns and Prayers

Support Media files, Audio/Video playing facility and Image Slideshare

Custom designing : Font Text Changing, Font Alignment, Font Coloring, Font Sizing facility

Background Image and Screen Display Image importing facility

Data Setting option where User can set limits for the Data to be displayed

Add, edit and delete option for New Hymns and Prayers in User mode

Overlay scrollbar with color changing option

Summary View option

Custom Logo setting option

Freezing the display either by Black or White Background

Powerpoint importing facility

Auto fit of data and resizing of fonts in the Display

A computer window will have a secondary monitor output window for display purpose. Secondly you could continue working in the computer without disrupting the presentation on the screen